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What parent’s say:

“Anna’s joy and comfort at ScribbleTime is a testament to the patience and kindness of her care-takers. Her happy demeanor is an indicator of the positive environment she is lucky enough to be immersed in, at home and at school.” ~Anna’s Mom

“Thanks to Miss Paulette for all she is doing with Danny and his class – this has been a great year so far!” ~Danny’s Mom

“There’s a saying that ‘one small positive thought can change your whole day,’ and that really describes the impact Miss Liberia has on us each morning.” ~Sydney’s Mom

Toddler Program (16 months – 2.8 years)

The Center offers three Toddler Clasrooms. Each has the same goals and schedule except Toddler 1 is usually for our youngest Toddlers. We do our best to group the children with like age and development. A passionate team of teachers will create a welcoming safe environment with a curriculum that will keep up with the children’s energy. Their day will include circle time, fine/gross motor skills, language, art, music, block play and story time. The Toddler’s also enjoy a weekly music class with Miss Kathy a local musician. This beginning stage of group structure will prepare the children for their next big adventure … Preschool.