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Lunch Time!

ScribbleTime is happy to offer a lunch program for children in our Toddler – Pre-Kindergarten classrooms who have no allergies to food.   The cost is $3.50 per day.   It comes with a fruit, vegetable, protein, cracker and a cup of milk.

Lunch Form - Please submit one form for each child

  • Check each day that you would like your child to have lunch.
    You can order chicken nuggets INSTEAD of the main meal for the day. You can only order chicken nuggets one week at a time on this form. It's for the current week we are in. If you know you want to order the chicken nugget option for the month email and we will take care of it for you.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Act of Caring

Recognize and celebrate the hard work of our team! If you notice something kind or special that one of our teachers did, especially those acts that support our mission, we want to know! Each act of caring will be posted by the teacher mailboxes. At the end of each month 2 employees will be featured as the act of caring recipients. To submit an act simply email us at with the name of the teacher and the Act of Caring that you witnessed. Thanks for helping us to recognize the wonderful work of our teachers.