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What parent’s say

“Anna’s joy and comfort at ScribbleTime is a testament to the patience and kindness of her care-takers. Her happy demeanor is an indicator of the positive environment she is lucky enough to be immersed in, at home and at school.” ~Anna’s Mom

“Thanks to Miss Paulette for all she is doing with Danny and his class – this has been a great year so far!” ~Danny’s Mom

“There’s a saying that ‘one small positive thought can change your whole day,’ and that really describes the impact Miss Liberia has on us each morning.” ~Sydney’s Mom

Infant Program (6 weeks – 15 months)

There are two Infant Classrooms, a small one with three children and a large one with 10. Your child’s placement will depend on their age at start and the schedule. The goals of our Infant Program is to support your child through their early stages of development like rolling over, sitting on their own, beginning to crawl, and much much more!!

Our Infant Programs have a curriculum based on sensory learning. Our licensed and trained teaching sta create learning opportunities for each child. They incorporate the concepts of trust, discovery, gross / fine motor skills, language, and the feeling that they are safe outside of the home.

The classrooms are set up to promote exploration and they are warm, clean, inviting and stimulating for our young learners. The Infant Program does not have a Center directed schedule, it is based on the Parents schedule for their child, but will include dierent activities for them to explore.